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Tresses Studio Academy


The Basic training includes theory and skill building in professional image, salon ecology, communication, and in all areas of Cosmetology.

Information is provided through lecture and demonstrations. Practical applications will be performed on mannequins, students, and models. Written exams and practical assessments will be given to measure satisfactory progress.

This course provides continuing instruction, in the classroom and on the studio floor in professional communication, skin care, nail tech, hair-cutting techniques, chemical hair service, and hair design.

Upon successful completion of this 1500-hour course, the student should be prepared for the PSI practical exam. The student will be able to follow the laws pertaining to the Colorado Board of Cosmetology. In addition, the student will learn the techniques for building a business, writing a resume, and practicing interviewing skills. The student will have acquired the skills necessary to obtain a position in the field of Cosmetology.

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